In 1976, Bromont is preparing to mark the history of Quebec.

The small town, which is only 12 years old, welcomes delegations from all over the world, who competed in the horse races of the Olympic Games in Montreal.

A site, prepared exclusively for this attention, is born: the Parc Equestre Olympique de Bromont. Due to the partnership between SACS, the City of Bromont and the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the equestrian site is preserved in perpetuity.

Since the Olympics, the Equestrian Park has kept the memory and pride of Bromont alive: every year, the site receives international equestrian events unique to Quebec and Canada. Every year, the site tirelessly pursues the dreams that gave birth to it: to develop the excellence of riders in Quebec and Canada, to offer the athletes optimal conditions in the practice of their sports, to simply share the love of horses.

The Parc Equestre Olympique de Bromont places its educational mission at the heart of its activities. Each event received on the site contributes to promoting the perseverance and determination of riders, the health and well-being of people and horses, as well as participating in the democratization of equestrian sports among the population of Quebec and Canada.

Our donors provide invaluable support in the pursuit of our activities and objectives. By the support you show, we are able to preserve the legacy of the Olympic Equestrian Park for the equestrian community.

The funds raised are used to maintain the site and facilities, which represent the main costs facing the equestrian park, a non-profit organization.

As a donor, you provide us with essential support in the preservation, maintenance and development of the Parc Equestre Olympique de Bromont.

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